Saturday, 24 January 2009

wayfaring stranger

''If i pretend to be a princess, one day I may become one''

In life there seem to be many situations in which one must hold ones head up high to stay strong. The constant judging of a society where one cannot break the mold of the norm, with out causing a mini fountain of chaos, and in some serious cases exile, one may be forgiven for thinking that we are mearly sheep.

Peopl forget that beauty comes from the inside. I believe that i am a beautiful person. I open doors for people, and always smile at those who do good. I guess that is why i felt so bitter as a teenager, i forgot the motto. 'I am a good person, whom bad things happen too' This motto keeps me strong.

Sometimes, i have to admit, I do still loose my feet and fall. Then i get up gracefully, and wander on the green grass. This is my dream. I am beautiful.

I see beauty everywhere that it can be seen, Animals, nature, and people. So many people judge eachother on athetic things such as weight, and posture. I see niether. I would prefer to run in the rain with another who sings the same song as me than someone,who chooses to hurt others to make themself seem supierior.

Blessed be,