Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Westwood/Melissa Colab.

todays entry is about the westwood/mellissa shoes, that seem to be the budget version of westwood shoes. usually made out of a patient shiny plastic material, and neon colours. Mostly heels but there are some flats in ther too, prices range between £60 -£180 mostly. In sales they can go down to as little as £30. I got my gold sparkle boots for i think £38 in the sale. Beware these run small. I take a 7 in these and their still a tad tight, However i'm a 6 usually.

the composite , seems to be;

Upper: Rubber/Plastic
Sole: Rubber/Plastic

for the most part. If that helps anyone.

Monday, 12 September 2011

French connection Jeans.

So heres my faverite time of the season :D, the time french connection, put their jeans in the sale. £20 a pair! , i love french connection jeans, their quite possibly the most confy jeans i have ever owned, and i now own 5 pairs. To b e honest now, i wouldn't wear anything else. (they come up a bit small, i'm usually a size 12 in clothes, but i'm a size 14 in fcuk jeans.)

these trousers, are one of my faverite pairs in the new sale.

and these; although these are selling out fast.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Designer tote's for £12 (authentic) here's how.

Its a little known fact that a lot of western designers design free item to go in korean/oriental magazines , for example this juicy couture tote, was given free in japan! (you can often pick them up for about £12 on ebay) Its a great opitunity to get something desinger for a budget price.

Designers who have done this ; Moschino , Marc jacobs , juicy couture (theres a spa gift set as well as a tote) laura ashley, D & G and loads more!

(if buying from ebay look for Stock photo X magazine cover as well as a inside label / real shot. Remember there are still fakes out there.


Friday, 9 September 2011

ALERT; ASOS sale on Juicy couture.

So, you may have noticed i'm an avid ASOS girly. I stalk their sales like no-ones buisiness. This is why i find you gems like;

Juicy Couture Rhinestone Bracelet reduced to a bargain £21. Thats pocket money price!

also these Juicy couture, Tea rose Bikini pants

reduced from an exciting £70 to a meer £21

another of my Juicy sale picks has to be this TOTE
now only £43

and these are a steal

at £52. almost £100 off!

thats it for me today xoxo