Saturday, 26 February 2011

so today I made some rather fancy gluten free cupcakes. (photo stolen from my facebook) with rather yummy glittery red icing and mini marshmallows and chocolate stars! Exciting. The sponge was chocolate and vanilla, using real vanilla seeds to flavour.
(sadly only using cocoa powder for the chocolate, but at least it was bornville!) They tasted scrummyly yummy :D but im saving a few for a present for my rather lovely boyfriend.

Also today, i have shockingly spent a small fortune on ebay out of boredom, I have bought a new purse and a new handbag, both black with silver wrighting from Juicy couture. (say what you like about Juicy, but their assessories are LUSH) I bought them both as second hand so at least i didnt spend too much. Also considering buying a cute ghost bead for my pandora.

My asos clothes came, but im sadly having to send my vera moda dress back, as the cut was really wierd and made it look like i was wearing a child's night gown :( plus i refuse to buy anything in a size over a M. However the cute asos blouse and skirt looked amazing on :D


    sdafgjkl. Teach me to make these, please!


    sorry i didnt read your comment.

    jennis recippe updated xxxxxx