Friday, 18 March 2011

So i was wondering, what is it that any of us will be remembered for when we die? Is it the funny stuff, the nice stuff, the time we messed it up, or quite possibly the bad stuff. Do people remember us as a child, or do those memory's cease to exist, and we only remember the most recent stuff? Do people remember the life we never lived? the roads we never took, a decision we never made? or do people just sigh, pick up the pieces and try their damdest to forget, erasing every last trace of us they quite possibly can.

I don't know how i want to be remembered, whether i want to leave this world some kind of tragic hero, because even if you get the glory, when your gone , the glory doesn't go with you. I just know i want to cling on to every last moment. Because i don't want to be remembered for all the bad things. I want to stay on and fight, fight for something that doesn't mess up. Fight to be happy.

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