Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Randomness + what i got through the door!

So i haven't updated for a while, these long false nails make it most hard to write. Ive painted them a kind of reddy goldy colour today. In my opinion they look rather funky.


only in a slightly paler orangy pink (no longer in stock. O.o) they come with a belt so their a really good deal.

and my running pants from people tree.

id love it if anyone reading this could check out my flickr if they have time. my flickr where ive uploaded some of my photography. :D

reccently ive been playing on wow a lot, my little holy priest is now at level 70, its childrens week at the moment, so shes picked up a couple of the pets :D (speedy the turtle and the ellk training coller & oricle orphan i think)check Cherrysanta my priest out here she got the low drop rate mantle (1-3% drop rate) and it dropped 3 times! from trash mobs in the same dungeon. Fail. Plus i have my mini worgan level 35 druid now Sexy.

thats it for now

xx Jenny

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