Monday, 9 May 2011

brogues and pleats.

So i haven't got much to update really, so far there is no post today, :( so none of my special little treats have come yet. I'm currently drooling over some gorgeous brogues i saw in cosmopolitan magazine. However £55 for a pair of shoes identical to a pair i already have is a tad obsessive. (i have these ones a mere steal at £26. )

I'm really not sure about the new seasons pleated fashion, to me pleats are a reminiscence of school days, nothing else. i mean, something simple like the dress below could work, but i for one am not convinced. Its only £40 however i've seen much funkier things in the over published festival fashion supliments.

todays outfit i am wearing;
asos oversized'you got the love' vest.
Fin Oslo shorts.

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