Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Phazy Assessories in the morning.

Today i was delighted to see my phaze items had come through the post. In addition to the cute dress i showed you a couple of posts ago (the cool casino printed one)

i also got;

this cute birdcage necklace,(i got the gold tone one) which i may take off the necklace and hang on some ribbon in my room, its very pretty :D, you can buy it retail here for £5. ideal for festivals.

and this cute little cameo brooch. a steal at £10

also i got

Which i just thought were adorable. (i love showgirl style stockings =] ) only £7.50

and thats it for now

on unrelated note, asos finally got my returns sorted out so my new brogues should be on their way to me. YAAAYY!

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